Artiste manager and showbiz pundit, Bulldog known in real life as Lawrence Nana Asiamah, is unhappy with the Ghana Police Service as he recalls his brushes with the law enforcement agency.

Bulldog looked back on the treatment that the Police meted out to him during the demise of rapper Kwaw Kese’s manager, Fennec Okyere.

Fennec Okyere was murdered in cold blood about five years ago and Bulldog was arrested and interrogated by the Police as a prime suspect.

Before the death of Kwaw Kese’s manager, Bulldog was not seen to be in the good books of Fennec Okyere and was reported to have issued threats on countless times to the deceased; thus making him a prime suspect in his murder.

Recounting how the Police’s investigations went, Bulldog explained that he is a passionate person and speaks in a way that makes people associate him with violence, therefore leading to the Police to apprehend him without first cross-checking their facts or events that preceded the murder of Fennec Okyere.

Speaking to Halifax Ansah-Addo on ”Best Entertainment” on Okay FM, Bulldog stressed that the Police didn’t exercise due diligence about the issue, hence giving Ghanaians a cause to believe he was a murderer.

”I’m very passionate and that’s how I speak. I can’t speak any other way. I don’t think I can hold a diplomatic office if they want people to come and pretend; I cannot. But if there is a diplomatic office where people speak the truth, I’m sure I will be number 1 candidate; so the way I speak gives an impression that yeah, it is true, this guy is violent. Today, if you go somewhere and go and say Bulldog threatened me, they will believe it. The last time I spoke to Fennec was on Peace FM, when the issue came up, they (Police) never even came here to pick up the tape. It is was Fennec who actually threatened me online”, he exclaimed.

To Bulldog, the Police Service has no credibility as he exclaimed;”Now I have a younger daughter who is not yet 1 year old. She’s wiser than the Ghana Police…I’m speaking specifically based on my case and my experience…I’m talking about my case. Maybe you had an encounter with the Ghana Police and they acted professionally. That wasn’t my case….They didn’t treat me well; so I am saying my 9 months old baby or 10 months old baby is wiser than the Ghana Police.”


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