Several theories and school of thoughts have popped up all trying to come to terms with the ultimate rationale or reason behind the unexpected resignation of Nana Yaa Brefo, a broadcast journalist with Adom Tv.

Sources in an up-close with an insider from the media outfit revealed that Nana Yaa Brefo’s recent interview she granted with Nana Ama Mcbrown on Adom TV can’t be ignored when pointing fingers at the remote cause of her resignation.

The source who wanted to stay anonymous further added that Nana Yaa Brefo was admonished by the management of Adom Tv to render an unqualified apology to Nana Ama McBrown on live TV over her immature questions but she refused to do so for reasons best known to her.

According to the source, the whole resignation brouhaha came about when Nana Yaa Brefo refused to render an apology to Nana Ama McBrown and Adom TV’s listeners following her unprofessional conduct in the recent interview she had with Nana Ama McBrown after the death of Bishop Bernard Nyarko.

Consequently, Omanhene Kwabena Asante was the one who came to render an unqualified apology to Nana Ama Mcbrown even though Nana Yaa Brefo was the one who supposedly goofed.

The source said;

“It has been back and forth with the management of Adom TV with Nana Yaa Brefo insisting that she will not apologize today or tomorrow–and that she will rather resign than to apologize to anyone.”

So, failure of Nana Yaa Brefo to apologize completely to Nana Ama McBrow and her fans pushed her to quit Adom Tv. Don’t forget that there has been immense pressure on Nana Yaa Brefo by Adom Tv management to apologise publicly.


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